Hi...to all my wonderful blog friends.

I am still here, just having a small break from my blog but hopefully back in the next few days totally refreshed with more pictures. I am slowly decorating my house and our garage is almost empty of all our belongings. Some of our paintings are up so our so it is all beginning to take shape. We haven't stopped entertaining for the last 4 weeks and it has been fantastic...having the space and the kitchen to finally spread out and cook for all our guests.
I have a big event coming up this week, my friends 40th Birthday party that I am hosting. I think I am going to cope and the house is looking good with almost everything completed. I cant wait to take pictures of the house when I set it up for the party to show you all. I will not go over the top but rather just use what I have got already....this has been my philosophy since moving and decorating my home.
I also wanted to say a big HELLO to all my friends from work who have finally found my blog and starting to read it.
Anyway, I must go to check what has been happening with all my favourite blogs...I do miss you guys and I promise to start commenting again...I feel like I have neglected all my online friends...(a special big hello to A-M and Kelly& Victoria whose journey I have followed from the start)

Mrs B