My last blog discussed options for storing dinner plates. Linda from the blog Lime in the Coconut commented that she stored her glasses in a drawer. I wanted to share two tear sheet photos I have showing glasses stored in a drawer.

There are several reasons that come to mind why a person would want to store glasses in a drawer instead of an upper cabinet.

1. No upper cabinets. One client who was building a home in the mountains of Colorado wanted a large window in his bar as the view was magnificent. This particular bar was two parallel counters; one where guests would sit facing the window with the view and the other counter was under the window. This left no upper cabinets or upper racks to store glasses without interferring with the view. The solution was to put the bar glasses in drawers under the counters.

2. Handicapped people. A person in a wheel chair or with shoulder problems would have easy access to glasses stored in a drawer.

3. Dwarfs and shorter people. Dwarf people (4'10" and under) are unable to reach for a glass in an upper cabinet in the common kitchen. Some people who are relatively short in height also have a difficult time reaching for a glass in an upper cabinets. In both cases, drawer storage for glasses and other items is a perfect solution.

4. Children. Storing plastic cups for children to use in a drawer allows the child to get his or her own cup and if old enough, they can fill it from the refrigerator door or water dispenser on their own.

May your day be filled with Blessings. ...susan
Warning: If you store glasses in a drawer and you have children in your home or children are frequent visitors to your home, make sure you have a child safety latch on your drawer.

Disclaimer: Pictures used in this blog are from tear sheets I have collected for years. Unfortunately, when collecting these, I did not note the source of the picture. I will be happy to add the source of the picture if contacted or remove it if necessary.