Its been a few days since I have updated my blog...I actually had nothing to write about as no one has been working on the house.....I had another one of my meltdowns again and ended up in bed with a migraine. Well its official, you know its only 20 days before we move in, big countdown as I have set the 31st of March as my handover date. I sent my builder an email 4 days ago asking for a definite date so we will see a what happens.

So what has been happening. Most of the lights have been installed which is very exciting as one of the features of our house is the mood lighting. We actually saw the lights on today as the electrician was doing his final check...still a few hours of work left but I am rapt. We have gone crazy over the amount of lights that we have but never will even a quarter be on at the same time. The wall lights that you see in the photo are LED's and are designed to stay on a great lengths of time and use very little power. My feature chandelier in the bedroom looks just perfect and of course the photos do not do it justice. I really must learn how to take good interior design shots when the time comes...If anybody has any tips for taking house shots I am all ears!

So, here are a few random light shots not very inspiring but for the next few weeks this will still be a house build blog.

The lights on the bottom part of the wall are the LED's. They actually are blue when lit up. These will mainly be on at night for the kids if they wake up.

My beautiful contemporary chandelier. It is just perfect for the room and hung at the right height. Of course all the crystals are safely tucked away until we move in. If you look closely, you will also see some small light fittings beside the window. We had no idea they were here until the builder asked us to pick the fitting for them. They are actually lights that shine upwards. I will not get any bedside lamps until I can see the whole room set up.

This photo is taken from the lounge room upstairs. Imagine our bed underneath the window with the chandelier over it.

This 'interesting picture' (not!) is actually how they do our floating glass mirror with the lights behind it.That long white thing is the light, we have one on both side. It is going to be tiled around the edges.

Kitchen cupboard detailing. Starting to look really nice now but still not 100% completed
Mrs B