Welcome to my Spiritual & Inspirational Sunday post.  For over twenty-five years I have collected quotes. The nature of these quotes tend to be spiritual, religious, business, relationship, and sports related. My hope is that by reading this post it will cause you to pause and reflect. Perhaps you will share it with a friend who just so happens to be in need of reading this very quote.

Today I want to share a few quotes with you that are related to success. Success is defined in my Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary as a favorable or desired outcome also as the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence. I challenge you to think of the areas in your everyday life where the word success would apply. Examples of where one would feel successful in their everyday life include: calling a company to discuss being overcharged and ending up with an apology and refund (favorable outcome), saying no to a certain food that is not healthy for you (desired outcome), getting X Y & Z done before you had to leave the house (desired outcome), being on time for an appointment (desired outcome), stopping yourself from repeating a particular pattern that always seems to end up with negative results (desired outcome), learning a particular tune on the piano or other musical instrument (desired outcome), finishing a bike race (desired outcome), mastering a new recipe (desired outcome), getting an appointment for a job interview (desired outcome), closing a business deal (wealth), being named to a particular board or committee (eminence), and being told you are loved by your child (the best outcome!).

Some things take repeated mistakes to master, repeated effort to reach the desired result, or even complete failure which in turn makes you find a different approach which leads to your success.  The fact that you are taking action is a success in itself because you have overcome the fear of failure, overcome the fear of rejection, or overcome the fear of change.  

Why not start a Successful Journal to record the many successes you achieve each day.

Wishing you many successes.  …susan

If you first succeed, try something harder.

If you first succeed, try to hide your astonishment

If you are not failing now and again, then you are playing it too safe.

The more difficult the obstacle, the stronger one becomes after hurdling it.

Success requires heart and soul effort and you can only put your soul into something you truly desire.

You may not get what you want in life, but you get what you expect

I heard all of these quotes in the early 1980’s from John DeFoore.  I do not know if these were his or if he borrowed them from someone.