Welcome to my spiritual & inspirational Sunday post. Having collected quotes for over twenty-five years, I use this post to share those with you in hopes that something shared might cause you to pause and reflect. Perhaps you will share it with a friend who happens to be in need of reading what I have written. 

On Tuesday I will be undergoing day surgery on both ears to remove the preauricular pits which in the past twelve months have decided to become a problem in my life.  The left ear has required three visits to the ER resulting in lancing, drains, and packing performed due to an infection in the “pit'”.  Also, I have been treated in my ENT doctor’s office on a couple of occasions. Additionally, I was hospitalized a couple of weeks ago for four days trying to get an infection under control in the other ear (I guess it felt left out), including minor surgery to clean out the infection. Although I look forward to having this behind me, I am consumed with dread and fear of having the IV put into my arm. I have very little concern regarding the vertical incision from the top of my ear where it connects to my face to the bottom of my ear or any discomfort with the surgery. It’s the anticipation of the IV needle that terrifies me as silly as that may sound. I am working overtime trying to keep my phobia of needles in check.  Prayers are welcome!  I hope to be back to regular posting on my blog real soon. Please check back as I have some great photos and information to share with you in future posts.  Blessings.  …susan

Because I have been dealing with my ear don’t you think some quotes on hearing seem to be appropriate?

“If nobody is listening, don’t talk”

“The attitude of the listener determines what is heard”

“If you have already formed an opinion, you will not hear what a person has to say”

“If you never hear my silence, you will never hear my words”

”Do you listen intently enough to know another persons footsteps?”

The source of these quotes is unknown though I believe they were spoken by John DeFoore at one of the seminars he hosted in Boerne, TX.  If I am mistaken, please contact me so that I can give credit to the correct source.