Welcome! This post is for those of you with a dog. I apologize to those of you with a cat or other pet but my only pet experience is with a dog. Maybe some of the dog ideas in this post will translate to ideas that can be used for other pets.
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Though the photo below does not allow me to see the entire room, if I had a room designated for my dog I would plan for specific storage for all things dog related: leashes, collars, food, treats, supplements, medicines, bath products, grooming products, towels for drying off after a bath, toys, travel totes or cages, clothes if living in a cold climate, bed, and an outlet if you play music for your dog, blow dry their hair, use an electric dog feeder or an electric heater.
^I like the idea of having a Dutch door which allows you to look in on your dog without your dog trying to get out. Note the height of the shower head plus there is a hand held shower for giving your dog a bath. The paw print wallpaper plus the paw print tiles in the shower give this room an identity.
^Source: The French Connection by Betty Lou Phillips
I like this chain link fence option for containing a dog. I am not sure if this is located in a garage, in the laundry room, in a mud room, or in a special room for the dog. I like the tile wall which is more durable than sheetrock. There is a faucet on the wall and I assume a drain in the floor which makes cleaning the area easier. I would have preferred a hot and cold water faucet if living in a colder climate so the water temperature can be adjusted when washing your dog. The cabinets above are convenient for storing dog related items. I don’t see an outlet but hope there is one in the area.
^Source unknown-if you know the source and email me, it will be noted.
^How many times have you tripped over a dog bed in your own home or when visiting someone with a dog. The above photo shows a dog house with it’s own window built into the kitchen island. Obviously, the dog that lives in this home is a big part of the family. I like the idea of a built in dog bed area but I think I would have preferred it in a mud room or laundry room instead of in the kitchen. All of you with a dog, what do you think?
^Source unknown- if you know the source and email me, it will be noted.  
Doggy doors for two different size dogs are shown in the photos above and below. As I look at the photo above, what comes to mind is safety, as that opening is large enough for a human being to fit through. There are two pieces of hardware on each side of the opening that I assume lock the door.
It appears the doggy door below has a chain to hold it open. I would prefer one that swings open when the dog pushes on it but can be locked. I like how the doggy door opening is part of the door panel.
^Source unknown- if you know the source and email me, it will be noted.
^How clever is this photo showing dried dog food stored in a drawer and below the drawer is an open area for the dog’s food and water bowl. How many times have you tripped over a dog food or water bowl?  I would prefer having the drawer lined in some type of metal or having a metal container that is removable. I would want to make sure the drawer is big enough for an entire bag of dog food to fit. The size of your dog will determine the size of the opening needed to hold the dog’s food and water bowl. Perhaps the area holding the food and water bowl could pull out when feeding your dog.
^Don’t you like the niche created under the oven and warming drawer for the dog’s food and water bowls?
^Source: Beautiful Kitchens Magazine 2006
I hope this post has stirred your thought process when you design your dream home to include your dog!  Blessings.  …susan