This is my powder room downstairs. This might sound strange, but when I saw it today, with the granite mosaics, I was slightly disappointed. I think because the upstairs bathrooms are so striking, that it may take a little while to get use to the more subdued colour tile downstairs.
This first picture is of our lounge room upstairs. An interesting note...when we were designing our house, our architect didn't want a veranda in front of these windows, he said it is better you have the view uninterrupted by columns etc. I love the fact all you can see is water, it looks like we are built right up to the waters edge.

Below are some more random pictures of the tiling. I love the green mosaics, not every bodies 'cup of tea' but you either like the look or not...

This picture is our balcony up top. I really like the tiles I picked and surprisingly enough, the easiest to select. We are having a clear glass balcony with a stainless steel handrail on top. To the side we have to have a frosted glass panel so we don't overlook our neighbours house. It will still look really nice and we both need our privacy so I am happy with this.

This is a picture of my walk in mosaic tiles still to go in. I just love the look of my main wall tiles and all the different shades of cream/beige/white.
Mrs B