As some may have noticed, I have started to blog again and catching up with all my dear friends who I have neglected over the last several months. I am trying to find a favourite blog of mine called Design Ties ...a Canadian blog with Kelly and Victoria but I think the girls have moved blog address and maybe Kelly started a new blog on her own.
If anybody knows where Kelly is and her new blog, I would be very grateful. I have tried to find a link on the old site but to no avail.

Guess whose house this is...

On another note, who has been watching The Block? I know many of us are and sending all our blog love and support to Katrina and Amie. It has been a gruelling couple of days for the girls as the TV show continues to unwind one drama to another. There are moments I just wanted to turn off the TV as it was just too hard to watch. The girls came through in the end and hopefully, they will deliver a stunning bathroom on reveal day to the judges. What I didn't expect however was the unjust criticism and the most malicious comments not only directed towards the girls but other contestants on Facebook.

Katrina and Amie's house before renovations... Picture from Katrina

Katrina and Amie are wonderful to watch, entertaining and holding their heads high! They are finding out it's a 'mans world' in the building game but here they are, two woman building, cementing and painting without any experience or knowledge before they entered The Block. Well, I am proud of you and cheering you on every step of the way!