Welcome! Although most of us have stored our flatware (knives, spoons, forks) the traditional way, I want to share with you other options for flatware storage. These could be used in the kitchen cabinets or in the butler’s pantry. 
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In the photo above, I like having three drawers in one because it allows for more pieces of flatware and it is easier to see.  Here in the South it is not unusual to have place settings for twenty-four. 
Below is the same concept except these pull out drawers/shelves are behind cabinet doors. I do not like having pull-out drawers or shelves behind cabinet doors because the cabinet door  has to be fully open in order to pull out the drawer or shelf.  I much prefer the option in the photo above.
^The above photo and below shows storing flatware vertically instead of horizontally in a drawer. You could customize the size of each storage compartment.
^Source: Southern Accents Sept.-Oct, 2008
In the photo below, is yet another option. I like having the dividers lined in silver cloth or other soft material. 

^Above, I like the width of each compartment for the flatware but here is another pull-out located behind a cabinet door.  I wish these compartments were silver cloth lined.
^Source:  Dream Kitchens magazine
^I like the shallow depth and the extra wide width of this drawer as well as the layout of the compartments.  It also appears to be a single drawer.  I just wish it was lined with silver  cloth. 
^Sorry about the poor quality of the photo above, it did not scan clearly but I am hopeful you can see enough to understand the storage idea.  I am assuming there are three shallow drawers with cabinets located below which is similar to the photo below. Each drawer operates independently of the other.  The top one and the third one appear to hold flatware and the middle one holds napkins. I am a big fan of shallow drawers for such uses.  Additional shallow drawers could hold napkin rings, place cards, flatware serving pieces, and other related items.
^A very functional built in used in a bulter’s pantry. Four shallow drawers that operate independently and cabinets below which can hold various  entertaining pieces.  I could see one cabinet having vertical dividers for tray storage. Or adjustable shelves to hold serving pieces. 
Let me know in a comment what you think of these storage options. Blessings. …susan
Most of the photos used in this post were torn out of magazines over the years and I do not know the source. If you know the source, please contact me and I will gladly give credit.