Welcome to my vertical storage option series!  Instead of the traditional way of storing kitchen items stacked on a shelf or stacked in a drawer, let’s think outside the box and look at vertical  storage options. 
When I ran across this photo a few years back, I was instantly drawn to the unique and functional idea for storing kitchen items vertically in a pullout drawer instead of horizontally on a shelf. What I like about it is you can see what you are looking for and the ease in which you can remove an item. Traditionally, these types of items are stacked on top of each other on a shelf or in a pantry. Many times there is a small cabinet under the double ovens which requires you to get on your hands and knees to find what you are looking for and to remove it. The photo below is a great idea for vertical storage.
As I study this photo, it looks like on the right side there is one solid divider creating two compartments equal in size. The rest of the drawer has wooden dowel rods used as dividers within the drawer. In the front right compartment it appears something is hanging over the dowel, perhaps pastry bags. I see a muffin tin, roasting pan, rectangular pyrex baking dish, cooling racks, cookie sheets, and a broiling pan.
A note of caution, depending on the size of the drawer and the weight of the items you might need heavy duty drawer runners.
If I were designing my dream kitchen, I would want to have several vertical storage drawers. One would be designated for baking items such as cookie sheets, muffin tins, cooling racks, cake pans, pastry bags, and maybe even have an area to be able vertically stand a rolling pin.  Another drawer would be designated for cutting boards and platters. Another could be for glass bakeware such as pyrex dishes which  would not have to be as tall as those for cookie sheets and cutting boards.  I really do like the idea of vertical storage in a drawer vs horizontal storage on a shelf! Leave me a comment and tell me what do you think of vertical storage in a drawer? What would you want to store vertically in a drawer?  Blessings.  …susan
Source of the photo is unknown. If you know the source please contact me and I will note it.