This picture is so gorgeous I just had to show it again! Notice the cute little rocking chair, well I have found one (replica) at a store called Matt Blatt (Abbotsford) also an online store. As soon as I saw the little rocking chair, I knew it would be perfect for my babies room. It was also very comfortable which was really number priority.

Eames RAR Rocker

Ovalia Egg Chair

So, here we are in the store and I told my other two boys to pick their chairs for their rooms...I wanted them to have some ownership in decorating their rooms. Note to self...never let a 10 and 14 years old boys have any say in any decorating decisions This is what they egg chair! Where on earth is this going to fit in their rooms. What made it worst that Mr B also liked it and told the boys these were the chairs from Men In Black.

Can someone please help me here!

Picture from Ohdeedoh

I just love the vibrancy of this room. I like the white furniture with the aqua colour accessories.

Bedding from Design Public
This is what I imagine for my oldest son. Sophisticated but still fun and colourful. I like the blue and green together as this is the two colour combinations in his room.
Mrs B