Room colour scheme
I like this colour board, some of the colours I am using for my babies room. The blues/aquas, yellow, green and reds.

A nice bedroom for a teenager (still thinking about ideas for my 14 year old)
Not sure whether dark blue and white would compliment the green doors. Maybe I have to have the right shade of blue for it to work

Sheridan bed Linen
I saw this bedlinen at Myers yesterday and initially I had dismissed it but some of the colours caught my eye. It had all the colours in the colour board (pic above) I don't want the red sheets pillows etc but the yellow sheets are really pretty. I could fold the doona at the foot of his sleigh bed and show off the pretty yellow sheets and a blanket on top...just like in my favourite inspirational picture. What do people think...Will this pretty doona set look nice with the green doors?

Wardrobe Doors
Time to give an update on the progress of my build. Still slow but the good news is, still moving along. This makes us very happy. There is nothing worst than turning up to your build site week after week and no progress. I think we are into our 15th month...3 months over our due completion date. Its amazing how some houses can be built so quickly and easily and others like ours that seem to take forever. My heart goes out to all bloggers out there who are currently building or waiting to build and are experiencing difficulties and frustrations like we are. I know many people are also paying rent on top of a mortgage with slow builds. Others like Stormygirl, haven't even got a starting date even though her land was ready to build on several months ago.
A few friends have commented to us that we are 'too nice' therefore our builder puts us last on his important list of houses to be completed. I am beginning to think they are right. Maybe if we had of yelled, harassed, insisted, argued etc during the build, it may of been finished? That may of been true but sometimes the bigger picture is so much more important. Our builder has done so much extra for us without charging that perhaps he may not of been inclined to do so if we had of played hard ball.
I hate confrontations and still believe you can put your point across without all the dramas. I would definitely be terrible at running a business! Anyway, the doors have been hung and slowly, slowly we are getting there. I cannot see the finish line yet but that's Ok. As long as I am stilled thrilled with the quality of the work then I can be patient for a little longer.
Now let me tell you the kitchen story....l think I will leave that for another post LOL!!!
Mrs B