It has been reported all around the world about our fires in Victoria and the terrible lost of lives. Even today when I woke up, the death toll is still climbing...just this incredible sadness you feel when you listen to the stories from people who were trapped in the fires to the bravest men and woman who are right now at the front, desperately trying to contain the fires. My heart also goes out to the police who are the ones that are first on the scene and whose job is to go through burnt out houses and cars. I don't want to report everything I have heard on the radio as it is very distressing to hear the stories of people who are missing entire families, I just hope they are found safe at one of the emergency centres. The picture above is one of our courageous fireman, the majority of them who are volunteers. They have normal jobs and houses in the areas affected but here they are fighting to save communities and lives when some of them don't even know if their own families are safe. Such a terrible tragedy and to think that the fires were lit by arsonist. Every body I know has friends or relatives that live in the these areas. I just hope the fires that are burning out of control as I type this post, take no more lives.

Mrs B