Our inside door handles

Warning to all my readers, this is a long, completely sooky whinge....but this is a house build blog therefore us long suffering owners are entitled to a little whinge every now and then LOL

It happened again. I went to the house for a quick brief visit with the sole purpose of taking a picture for Victoria but when we got there, our kitchen guy had been...so how excited was I! The builder opened the house for us so I went in to look at my 'dream kitchen'.

I don't know how to say this but I was disappointed so much so that I didn't take any pictures at all. Once again, the kitchen is still only 3/4 finished with bits of panels missing here and there. that's OK, work in progress but what I noticed was that one of the cupboard panels had a large gap between the bottom and the draw underneath. Obviously, something did not measure right and it looked like they had down tools in order to come back with a solution. I suppose I am just sick and tired of everything in my house only being half finished all the time. Why cant my kitchen just be installed complete like a 'normal' house build. Also, our shower screens were installed, very nice I grudgingly admit but then I started to focus on the tiles in the powder room and how I don't like them. Mr B by this stage was used to my 'is this alright, or maybe I should have done this' type of conversation. Anyway, Mr B went upstairs to look at the red cupboards for our bar upstairs...all I could hear was ohhhhhhhhhhhh by that stage I did not want to go upstairs and see the rest of my choices.

The bar, what can I say...I don't know if I love it or hate my colour choice. It is certainly different. Mr B was fantastic, he said it looked so funky and original, it is after all our family home and we need colour in our lives as all the walls are white. I just don't know any more. Part of me said I should have just gone all white and beige... but I felt it was important to inject my own personality into my home. Should I have gone safe...I think that is what I am struggling with at the moment. Anyway, the glass screens in my ensuite and bathroom looked absolutely gorgeous so at least I am happy with those rooms.

Tomorrow is the big day I see all my robes and walk in pantry totally decked out. Already I am fretting over my choice in wood. Every now and then I have this little 'meltdown' and I just wish I could just pick neutral colours, it would have made everything so much easier.

On a different note, I was very sad to read today that The House that A-M built is going to close down and become private subscription only. A-M always leaves the most beautiful, positive comments on my blog and it is also the first blog I read every morning on my blog list....always a wonderful, inspiring picture or story to start my morning routine.

That's all for now, no pics of the house but tomorrow watch this space.....THE WARDROBES

Mrs B