Bath Tub Series: Part Three

Which Free Standing Bath Tub is Your Favorite?

Are you feeling clean yet? You should, because in this series on bath tubs, I have shown you thirty-two photos of bath tubs with sixteen more in this blog. The bath tubs are all free standing tubs; the last three are soaking tubs. Get ready to marvel at the beautiful bath tubs shown below. Don’t be shy, jump on in!

IMG_0001 photo one^

^This photo with a Victorian-ish bath tub and two dozen long stem roses oozes romance. It makes me think of Valentine’s Day. Don’t miss the details on the floor.

(^Photo one from Bathrooms by Chris Casson Madden)


photo two^

(^Photo two from Bathrooms by Chris Casson Madden)IMG_0038

photo three^

^That is a hand painted band around the bath tub above. I would like to see a matching band of color going around the tub base.

(^Photo three from Bathrooms by Chris Casson Madden)

IMG_0034photo four ^

(^Photo four from Villa Decor by Betty Lou Phillips)


photo five^

^Look! The champagne has been poured and there are bubbles in the tub! What are you waiting for?

Note: This bath tub appears to be identical to the bath tub in photo two, though a handsome handrail has been an added to the side of this one giving it a totally different look.

(^Photo five from Unmistakably French by Betty Lou Phillips)


photo six^

^Doesn’t this stone bath tub look inviting?

(^Photo six from French by Design by Betty Lou Phillips)


photo seven^

^Tile that compliments the floor in this bathroom has been applied to the sides of this free standing bath tub creating an upscale look.


photo eight^

^I love how the tile on the floor is shaped to create an area for this free standing bath tub. What is interesting, the bath tub does not touch the floor since it is mounted into a wooden base. Don’t you love the mirror and the tiled wall on which it is hung? Also the great candles. We just need to borrow the champagne and bubbles from photo five!


photo nine^

^The iron feet on this bath tub gives it an old-fashioned/Victorian look.


photo ten^

^Who wants a very chic, transparent, and pink free standing bath tub? I am not sure it is actually pink or if the color changed during the printing process. What a great design shape for a tub.


photo eleven^

^You can even have a free standing infinity tub as seen above.


photo twelve^

^In the photo above, I love the niche created for this free standing bath tub with a convenient shelf at each end of the bath tub.

IMG_0013 photo thirteen^

^The bath tub above reminds me of the shape of a laundry room sink that is on legs. Do you know what I am talking about? Though I like having a sliding glass door leading to a deck, photo 13 is my least favorite of the sixteen bath tubs.

Below are examples of three soaking tubs which have gained popularity in recent years. Photo 14 is my favorite of the three. I love the thickness of the wall of the tub. IMG_0041 photo fourteen^

IMG_0032 photo fifteen^


photo sixteen^

Thanks for viewing my blog. I have one more post left in my bath tub series. It will focus on mistakes to avoid. If you are so inclined or maybe no so inclined, please leave a comment and tell me which bath tub is your favorite.

I have not added the source of some of the photos I posted in this blog because I do not know where it came from. If you will email me and tell me the source or ask me to remove the image, I will take care of it.