After reading Julia's blog, Hooked on Houses, "Its time to fire your realtor when... "

and then reading Susan Serra's blog, The Kitchen Designer, "Want to sell your house? Clean the kitchen!"

these blogs reminded me of the time I was selling a condominium. I bought a roll of chocolate chip cookie dough and made some chocolate chip cookies. Then, I put some more of the dough on a cookie sheet in the oven and turned the oven to warm, since I did not know how long I would be away. I put the fresh baked chocolate chip cookies on a cake stand with a note welcoming them and offering the cookies. By doing this, you activate the sense of smell which is quite powerful.

Often a realtor will show multiple homes to a client in one day which can be confusing to remember one home from another. The smell of the cookies and offering the cookies to eat always made the client remember my condo.