I don't know why, but since we have no phone line and are on wireless internet connection, everything to do with blog land is so slow since we have moved into our new home. I have almost given up trying to load all my favourite blogs to read. I just wanted to say I hello to everybody and I am so sorry I haven't been able to comment on your blogs for a little while. I am still here, just frustrated that pictures are not downloading properly and often it takes a good 20 minutes to open up some of my favourite Canadian blogs...I have soooooo much catching up to do when we finally get this land line.

So....what has been happening at my end. Slowly we are moving possessions into our new home. Mr B has made numerous trips to the Salvation Army and the tip but finally we now have all our household with us...mostly in the boxes in the garage. I have been absolutely appalled by the amount of useless 'crap' I have stored and collected over years and concerned by the wastage of money that has gone into buying stuff that really we do not need. So much of it has gone to charity but even charities are beginning to be very picky as well and will not take large tables, sofas, desks etc. people do not have room in their houses for such items. I could go on about our 'throw away' mentality in our society but this is really not the time and place for it. I will just say however, I could of easily just walk away from all those unnecessary possessions, collect just a few pieces and be happy with that! It has made me even more determined to decorate this house with what I have got. The only things I really need are display cabinets to display all my mothers and grandmothers crockery...later more about this.

Landscaping...as part of our contract, our builder did our garden for us. This has been this biggest blessing as it really has completed our home, instead of looking at builders rubble, we look at beautiful little plants that hopefully will grow into healthy plants that produce flowers for the native birds.

Back Garden

We added all our 'garden accessories' to the back area. The decking is being stained today which I am very excited about. not much of a back yard but we are on a reserve where the kids are able to play.

A nice area to sit during the day and watch the world go by.

The last two pictures show plantings of native grasses and kangaroo paws. This area mostly gets sun during the day so hopefully the plants will do well here.

I have a more updated picture of this area, will post it later on. The small tree at the back is a Silver Princess (Australian Gum) and produces these amazing gum flowers that the birds love.

Front Garden
A small front garden as most of the space is taken up with our driveway and front decking. The landscaper took about an hour just to place the rocks in those positions...they are all hand picked for our garden as well.

Front Door
I still am amazed at how many neighbours and friends have commented about the colour of my front door. Some have said in a certain time of day, it looks like a golden colour. The front door is my pride and joy...thankyou to Michelle who picked the colour for this door.

The house is now starting to look like a home. the nature strip still really annoys me with all the builders rubble left behind but Mr B will clear it up and make it look as if it belongs to the rest of the garden. My lovely neighbour has looked after our council tree for us during the house build. It may look a bit wonky but it has survived!
I hope you have enjoyed my landscaping pictures...Day 5 of moving in. hopefully, I can post up to date pictures of the garden as it grows.
Mrs B