Butlers Pantry...view from kitchen looking in...

Wallpaper from Graham and Brown

Ok, back to wallpaper. Kelly from Design Ties suggested I look at the Graham Brown colours and patterns. This is what I like so far...I think the two samples above and below are contemporary, subtle and will work well with my cabinets... well at least I hope so!(I probably wont know for sure until I get my A4 samples of the wallpaper) Maria from Colour Me Happy wrote this outstanding article called Insider Secrets to Testing and Selecting paint Colours

Maria explained in great detail why its always important to see colours on a larger scale than just from a paint chart. Well I think that goes for wallpaper as well...I need to see the whole pattern and feel the quality of the paper.

I also love this colour, the brown will blend in perfectly with the cabinets but still keeping the pale blue/silver back ground.
Mrs B