We are slowly getting there...Hooray! Renderers have been there for 2 days, doing the final coat, still not finished but bit by bit, the house is starting to look complete. The decking has been done back and front which I am very happy about. I also met the landscaper today and he seemed so enthusiastic, lovely and very inventive. I am having an all Australian native garden and he picked the colours of purple, silver and yellow (I think this is what he said) colours that compliment a modern exterior. In the front will be like a native rock garden...4 -5 big feature rocks spread out and all the beautiful natives growing between. He also picked a few native grasses as well which I have admired in other gardens in the area. He is also doing the back garden as well in the same theme. I was really impressed by his ideas so to say I cant wait would be an understatement.

Front of house with new walk way.

Here are some shots of my almost completed exterior. Still not all rendered the final colour, mainly the left side needs to be done. There also will be a beautiful green door to set of the front entrance, Still waiting for it to be delivered.

The box feature on top of the door will be the dark chocolate colour...still to be rendered

Kitchen with the new overheads

Ensuite with basin, tap and toilet.

Back shot of my house
Between the fence pillars will be a metal fence, all neighbours have this as we all have to be consistent. This is according to planning guidelines. Pillars will also be rendered the dark chocolate colour.

Decking at the back of house
It is such a fantastic size, already I am imagining all my barbecues with friends out here!

It sits nice and flush with the door...

Front steps
So not long now...starting to look good! Still so much work to go but lets remain positive!
Mrs B