Todays post is about the landscaping for my house. This was included in the contract as all houses in the estate need to at least finish the front graden in order to get back the 5k bond from the developers. Believe me when I say that 5k has already been spent many times over!
So, this afternoon I met our young landscaper to once more go over the plans he drew and what he had 'in his head'. Can I just say, never before have I been so clueless, confused and so overwhelmed with all these decisions I needed to make. He had all these different coloured rocks, big ones that are going to be a feature, smaller rocks and 4 different coloured mulches. Which combination did I want???? Haha, how do I know, I think we just stood there for at least 15 mins both scratching our heads. He spoke about all the Australian natives he is going to put in and how the plants are going to be set out. I have no idea of the plant names but I know I am having Kangaroo paws right up to my front door with white pebbles and native grasses framing the driveway. I hour later, both of us still very confused, it all fell into place. I just said to him plant what you like just make sure it looks pretty and the plants attract the native birds. The pictures below are probably the best indication of the type of plantings I am having. I will say that I picked white granite boulders with very dark/black mulch to give the garden that striking colour difference, Plants are mainly silver, dark purple, red and yellow colours. I have no idea whats going to happen but for once I have to just sit back and trust him that it is going to look nice.

In this picture shows a native grass which is similar to what is going to be planted.

The following pictures I have no links so my apologies to the landscape companies I took these from. I Love this grass...I think its this one that will frame the driveway...

Rock gardens...

These are my granite rocks...I really like this look.
Update on house progress...The floor sander is trying to sand all our floors today but he was at the end of his patience when we rolled up. The poor guy was trying his best to do his job but made difficult as the tradies kept coming in and making a mess. Hopefully he will have peace and quite tomorrow as the first coat is suppose to go on. I can see the end now and I cant wait to move in and start a difference focus for this blog. The house is looking like a home, all new and sparkling (only because the windows have been cleaned LOL)
Mrs B