High Alert
I haven't updated the progress on the house for a week I think...that's because there has been no progress! But...I am not dwelling on anything negative as it is a terrible waste of emotional energy and all I can think of are the people in Victoria who right at this minute are deciding to stay and fight potential fires or evacuate. Five million messages were sent by the Emergency services today on our phones warning of severe weather conditions and winds. Over 360 schools throughout our state have been closed so I just pray that all the children and elderly are taken to the evacuation centres. On the news they are telling people there will be no warning so leave before 12am tonight before the winds start. Already there have been out of control fires burning throughout Victoria so all emergency crews are on high alert...OMG I don't know what to say...people are fillings up their bath tubs, hoses inside, hoses outside but if there is a similar firestorm like we had 3 weeks ago there will be no warning. This is just unbelievable. I just hope that everybody in the fire danger areas (some are part of Metropolitan Melbourne) are safe. It is so upsetting....

I thought I would show pictures of my 90% completed kitchen...I love my kitchen so much, exactly how I imagined it to be. I designed every single aspect of it, right down to the very last detail. Any body that has ever designed their own kitchen will know how difficult to achieve that 'certain look'. I spent hours with two different cabinets makers (long story hehe) countless hours pouring over the most beautiful kitchen books so to say I am happy is a big thing for me. We are going for the Henna Red glass splash back with under cupboard lights shinning on it. I am sure it will evoke 'strong' reactions from visitors but at least we have a talking point, a bit like a controversal painting LOL

Opening of our pantry

In this picture, I wanted to show you where our pantry is situated...for a reason..

Wallpaper in the Butler's Pantry?

I was reading all my favourite blogs and came across this post by Anna from Toxteth. Anna also wants to do a wallpaper splash back for different parts of her kitchen and bathroom. I think this is a fabulous idea and had been thinking about it for quite a while. She has beautiful wallpaper samples from Porters Paints and I have seen most of the patterns as well. So...I was wondering if anybody would like to comment about what style or colour wallpaper would look nice in my pantry. I know a few wallpaper shops in Melbourne but I wanted to get an idea about colour. The wood in the pantry and study is walnut but dark (I cant for the life of me work out why I picked this colour, must of been in one of my vague, weird moods) but dark it is. I can imagine a blue colour but there is nothing blue in the house at all. This is going to be the fun part...what a funky pantry its going to be!

Wall of pantry

Study Desk

This is our study desk. I also want to put wallpaper her between the two work stations. I can see a modern look here as my boys will use this area a lot. On the opposite walls are the green doors so I need to make sure I link in the two colours. Ginger coloured carpet is on the ground.

Mrs B