Today's blog includes a dozen photos of shower shelves. Please leave a comment telling me which is is your favorite one and why and anything else you might want to say about shower shelves.

SIZES There are many sizes, shapes and materials to use when designing your shower shelf. The size should be determined by the number of products you expect to place on your shelf. Usual items might include several different shampoos and conditioners, shaving cream and razor, shower gel, a soap dish, and a sponge. If you buy these products in bulk sizes, makes sure you measure the height and diameter so that your specific product will fit.

SHAPES Shown below are different shapes to consider. Some shelves are square, others are rectangular. There is even two, three, and four stories tall shelves and one shelf is an arch. Your shelf can be inset into the shower wall or applied to the outside wall.

MATERIALS You will notice a wide array of materials used. Some materials match the stone or tile used on the wall, other material compliments the stone or tile used on the wall. Some materials are stone or tile pieces and some use custom slabs. There are even glass shelves in two of the photos.

Please realize there are many choices in size, shapes, and materials from which to choose.

To the left is a two story shower shelf inset into the shower wall. The actual shelf is made of glass. Of interest, note the small bench attached to the wall below the shelf.

I find this shower shelf to be way too small. I do like the actual shelf protruding out a bit from the wall. I also like the stone depending on the type of home in which it is used.

This photo show multiple sheves made of glass. I cannot tell if they are adjustable. They used a different tile for the wall behind the shelf which compliments the other stone nicely.

This homeowner used custom slabes of stone as an accent stone for the shelf as well as the back wall of the shelf. These match the custom slab used for the bench. I like the contrast between the dark marble and the lighter stone.

What you cannot see is the floor is also made of a matching piece of custom stone that has been shaved and scored with lines to allow water flow towards the drain. Although great looking, I think large tiles or a slab on a shower floor is dangerous because there is no grip for you foot and you can easily slip.

I find this long narrow shelf to be quite stunning. However, I think it loses out in the function over form department. The shelf does not appear tall enough for many products found in a shower.
I do like what I assume to be is a fogless mirror that was added to the wall.
I do like the design of the bench below the shelf.
My tear sheet from a magazine is so small, I cannot make out what the two vertial bars are at the end of the shower. Do any of you know?

Here is another photo taken at a friend's home to demonstrate size and materials.

This is a friend of mine's son's shower. I like how the inset for the shower shelf is the exact size of the slate tile. However, I think this 12" square size is too small and there should have been two shower shelves. I noticed the slate absorbs quite a bit of water which is what the dark rose color is beneath the shower shelf.

This is a tear sheet out of a magazine showing multiple shelves which are different heights. I like the added depth to these shelves as well as the overall clean look. I would have liked to have seen the shelves fit into the exact size of the pieces of tile on the wall.

Note the small diagonal bench. I find the crown molding just above the windows to be in an interesting location. Not sure why it was not applied to the top of the wall. I think the dampness of a shower on the wood, unless this is located in a dry climate will create extra maintenance for the homeowner.

Quite a nice statement with the decorative tile framing the shower shelf.

The design of this shower shelf with the basket weave pattern for the back wall of the shelf and the arch or cathedral design of the cut out for the shelf is a wonderful touch. However, I do think the amount of shelf space is too limited.

Another friend's shower, the size was determined by the two 12" square tiles used for the back wall of the shelf. This shelf has a generous depth as well.

Yet another friend's shower, she chose to apply her shelves outside the shower wall in the corners using an accent piece.